+8 Awesome Aesthetic Korean Short Hair

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Formal events are special and need sophisticated dresses, elegant hairstyles and light makeup. Aesthetic Korean Short Hair; Overall personality is highlighted by wearing right hairstyle for natural hair length.

Long hair is challenging to be styled for formal events. Women have different hair texture for long hair as some of them have straight hair while others have curly or wavy hair. Formal hairstyles for long hair are stress free and easy styles that can be prepared at home using basic tools and products.

Curly formal hairstyles for Aesthetic Korean Short Hair

Formal hairstyles for long hair look luscious when curled. These hairstyles are ideal for young girls. Naturally straight hair need a lot of time to be styled into perfect curls. One must have at least 5 hours for creating curls. First of all, wash your hair and blow dry. Take a paddle brush and use it when you are blow drying. After hair is dried, apply texturizing serum to hair and start wrapping two inches section into the barrel of curling iron. You need to be careful when using hot rollers and don’t set them too close to scalp. Break the curls with fingers and get finished look with hairspray and shine serum.

Every girl desire long and straight hair so that she can wear gorgeous hairstyles. Formal hairstyles for long hair with straight texture work for women of all ages. This hairstyle is created by washing and moisturizing hair. The hair is blow dried and heat protectant is evenly applied with a wide toothed comb. Take small sections of hair and straight them with a flat iron. Apply shine spray at the end for a perfect sleek look.

Aesthethic Korean Short Hair

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