+10 Awesome Short Spiky Haircuts

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Short hair are the most manageable when they are wrapped in a bun, yet the bun ought to be sophisticated and trendy.

This hairstyle perfectly fits this bill. First of all, pull up your hair in a ponytail. Then divide this ponytail into various sections. Start wrapping these sections around the pony and secure them with bobby pins. Leave out a few strands to frame your face casually. You will end up with a Short Spiky Haircuts.

Messy Updo Short Spiky Haircuts

Chignons are a hairstyle which has been worn by celebrities for quite a while now and has gained considerable popularity. Achieving these messy hairstyles for long hair is pretty easy. Just wrap up your hair in a chignon and using a tail comb loosen a few strands so that a textured effect is created. Furthermore, make two thin side braids and pin them up in your chignon. Front Bands or Side Swept bangs can add to the beauty of this look.

Messy Chignon for Short Spiky Haircuts

Ponytails are the most commonly worn, highly casual and versatile hairstyles. Moreover side ponytails have a particular chic air about them. Add a messy touch to this side pony and voila, you will be ready to rock your hair. Part your hair to one side of your head and tease them up a bit. This teasing of hair will add some texture to it which will in consequence add an exciting edge to your messy up do. After adding this volume, sweep your hair to one side of your head and secure them with elastic. Your sexy and attractive hair style will be ready to stun people.

Short Spiky Haircuts

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