+5 Best Short Asymmetrical Haircuts Models

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Prom is your night and on this night you deserve to look your most stunning self. You deserve to put on the most charming couture and wear the most flattering hairstyles. For this very reason, several side hairstyles for prom have been aggregated for you.

These hairstyles are accompanied with a characteristic prom aura which spells out glamour, elegance and sophistication. So, before embarking headlong upon the explanation of these side hairstyles, you can conjure up an image of perfect hair before your eyes and then continue reading.

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Prom has connotations of entrancing light and enchanting music associated with it. Therefore this side hairstyle is in perfect harmony with the spirit of this special night. To achieve his hairstyle, back comb your hair a little to create a regal effect. Divide the rest of your hair into three sections and bring them forward to one side of your neck. Braid up this hair loosely and further loosen up some strands using a tail comb to create texture.

Short Asymmetrical Haircuts Models

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