+8 Special Low Maintenance Short Haircuts

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What can be more enviably glamorous than a sleek waterfall braid adorning your Low Maintenance Short Haircuts?

If this vintage look is what you want then it is time you have your wish gratified; for achieving this look is only a matter of minutes. Take a curling rod and loosely curl your strands letting them hang casually around your shoulders; yet at the same time endowed with a formal elegance. Take some strands from above your left ear and make a waterfall braid, pinning it up eventually over your right ear. An intricate and beautiful braided hairstyle will now be at your disposal and you can further embellish it with the help of flowers or other ornaments.

Retro Braided Waterfall Low Maintenance Short Haircuts

If you are one who likes sticking to traditions yet wants to give her own novel touch to these existing traditions, then these retro braided hairstyles are the ones for you. Nothing can beat this hairstyle when it comes to elegance and sophistication. All you have to do is leave out a few loose strands so that they frame your face beautifully, while the rest of your hair ought to be gathered at the nape of your neck in the form of a loose braided crown. To enhance it further you can weave this crown with flowers too and trust us, you wouldn’t find anything as pretty or dainty like this hair do.

Retro Braided Crown Low Maintenance Short Haircuts

Retro braided short hairstyles come with an exciting diversity and this very hairstyle is an example of this. In contrast to the braided crown present at the nape of your neck, this hairdo features a braided band at the front of your head. If you wear bangs or a fringe, then leave these strands of hair out and make a retro braid behind them. The rest of your hair can be gathered in a bun or up do. Moreover you can also consider weaving this braided band with a ribbon. Eventually, you will get to bathe in the glamor of an extremely pretty and incredibly cute hairstyle.

Fashion is like a hare which keeps running in circles. Whatever goes comes back with a bang. Similarly these retro braided hair styles wouldn’t make you look old fashioned, rather they will further enhance your beauty by a delightful combination of classical antiquity and a modern edge. So get any of these hairstyles on your wedding day because you deserve nothing but the best.

Low Maintenance Short Haircuts

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