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Alt Short Haircuts have always had a charismatic appeal to their name because of their characteristic edge and the rock-star celebrity aura surrounding these hairstyles.

More than that, long shag hairstyles complement your fine thick hair tremendously well. They allow you to flatter your long tresses, cutting off their additional volume; so that they are easy to wear and stylish to show off.

So girls and girls, if you have a spark in your personality that is on the constant look out for something unique and beautiful then giving these hairstyles a try is worth all the effort. Given below are few lovely long shag hairstyles which are sure to bring out the best of you.

Shag Alt Short Haircuts for Women

Layered shags equally complement both thick and thin hair. It gives an illusion of volume to thin hair, whereas it makes thick hair light and aids their free movement. Get short layers throughout your shag cut and conjugate them with side swept bangs. To make your hairstyle look all the more striking, you can also consider adding highlights to your layered tresses. The outcome would evidently be gorgeous and glamorous to look at.

Alt Short Layered Shag Hairstyles

If you are that soft, sweet and girly girl who laughs easily and loves simply, then these incredibly cute long shag hairstyles are the ones for you. This hairstyle features a perfect balance between texture and messiness. So it implies that you can go out, showing off your messy long shag, without looking like zombie who just walked out with a bed head.

Alt Short Haircuts

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