15 Wicks Hairstyle for Alpha Black Men

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This season we feature the sophistication and simplicity of you. We want you to be stylish, handsome and attractive yet simple and refined. Wicks Hairstyle; Simplicity brings out your inner-self. It’s the new trend that now it is about men that how they dress and look awesome.

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Men should really seem manly; a teenage look might not work with the elegance of being a man. Let’s try on these short mens hairstyles with a twist of modern haircut, yet provide you the erudite look that you desire for.

Preppy Slick Styles Short Wicks Hairstyle

Slick hairstyles might give you a lifeless look, but the slick we are talking up is spruced up. Do a heavy side part and instead of going straight take it asymmetrical, it will add the volume and body to your hair.

The other slick can go on your sides and the height on the top of your head will give you a very attractive and sporty look. The handsome look that you need is here for you in short mens hairstyles. Slick is not the boring factor anymore in fact it is the new style of modernism.

Preppy Slick Short Wicks Hairstyle

Got The Waves? Flaunt ‘Em Short Mens Hairstyles
Having straight hair is very easy for men but the wavy texture is the most wanted. Jut comb your hair back it will give volume to your hair and the waves will add the natural texture to your hair that is to die for.

If you are one of those who can carry rugged look, then the waves are the adding factor to your manly look. They make you look tough and handsome with the touch of classiness that is just perfect for you this summer.

Short mens hairstyles with waves

Mohawk Wanted? Try The Faux One for Short Mens Haircuts
Okay so Mohawk is the new trend in men and the one way to get short mens hairstyles, but while you make Mohawk why do you always have to make it go straight up why not a little sideways? It is our faux Mohawk that will give you fresh look and not the copied look, your own style can be defined and what say you can be the trendsetter. Just take it up and then tilt it a bit sideways. Great way to keep your hair out of the face and this will also make you look fetching.

faux hawk short mens hairstyles mohawk short mens hairstylesThe basic thing that contributes to someone’s looks is the hairstyle they wear. As simple and sophisticated it is people consider you more serious matured working man. When you get the classy look with the hairstyle and your way to converse pose you as a lively person then you are a perfect man out there.

The main thing in the man’s handsome and awesome look is his confidence and body posture. Don’t let your body swag or slouch it takes away the entire perfect man look from you and then whatever short mens hairstyles you have then all of the effort goes to the waste.

Wicks Hairstyle

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